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Nashua NH Chimney Sweep And Chimney Repair

Dover NH Chimney Sweep And Chimney Repair

Anything Chimney is a proud Dover NH chimney sweep and chimney repair company. Anything Chimney's staff of fully certified technicians have what it takes to get the job done right the first time!


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Our Credentials

Our Credentials

Chimney Services In Dover NH

Dover NH Chimney Cleaning

Dover NH Chimney Cleaning

Anything Chimney provides professional chimney cleaning in Dover NH. Anything Chimney uses the highly efficient "power sweeping" technique to ensure that each chimney we clean is as clean as it's ever going to get!

Each Dover NH chimney cleaning comes with a chimney safety inspection, which we will get more into in the next section. Anything Chimney does far more than just clean your chimney in Dover NH. Anything Chimney is extremely safety oriented and we want to make sure that your chimney is operating as safe as possible.

Dover NH Chimney Inspections

Dover NH Chimney Inspections

Anything Chimney provides Dover NH with a chimney safety inspection with every chimney cleaning that we perform. The reason being is that Anything Chimney is a fully certified chimney company. That means we know what safety defects to look for when it comes to your chimney.


Safety is our top priority!


Durring each chimney cleaning or inspection you will be provided with an emailed inspection report detailing any potential safety defects your chimney may have. You will also be emailed a quote if there are any significant safety defects.


Anything Chimney also provides level two chimney inspections in Dover NH. A level two chimney inspection is most often completed as a part of a real estate transaction. During a level two chimney inspection, your chimney is checked inside and out using both visual and camera inspection methods.


Buying or selling a home in Dover NH? Ask us about our highly reviewed level two chimney inspection service!

Dover NH Chimney Repair

Dover NH Chimney Repair

Anything Chimney knows that no one wants to think about having to repair their chimney. Chimneys are difficult to work on, require scaffolding at times, and certainly require the chimney company performing the repair to possess premium insurance coverage because of the heights that our technicians work at. So, when your chimney does need to be repaired, let's make sure it's done right so that no one else has to get back up there for a very long time. To make sure your chimney is repaired correctly, only trust a certified chimney sweep and repair company with a solid reputation.

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Anything Chimney Loves Dover NH!

Dover NH

And How Could We Not Love Dover NH?

Dover's charm is rival to none when it comes to the NH seacoast. From downtown Dover to the beautiful suburban neighborhoods, there is never a bad time to visit Dover NH. And, if we can be honest, our favorite part of visiting Dover NH is being able to stop at The Nook breakfast diner. If you live in Dover and have not been, please, do yourself a favor and check out their delicious breakfast menu. We love stopping there for a Reuben breakfast sandwich on our way to a big Dover NH chimney repair, and we know you'll like it too!